Papa Pan

Some say it was the olive-oil-drenched dough, others the skin-on, unpeeled tomatoes from the garden, while still others insist it was it’s sheer simplicity, but the real secret to Salvatore’s infamous pizza was his pan. There were always a couple of these speckled, enamelware gems in rotation – satisfying all of his roasting, baking and at times even transporting needs (it’s deep and has big handles – not saying that it was used for spreading manure, but who knows?). These coveted casserole-like containers carried many-a comestible from oven-to-table over the decades – and continue to do so today. There are however a few unwritten rules that go along with it’s use:

-It is never to be washed – let it cool and just wipe it down (read: “seasoning”).

-Always store in really hard-to-get-to places. Here are a few suggested spots: above the fridge, deep under the sink or better yet, at the bottom of a pile of other cooking vessels.

-If you ever have to use it to prepare something to bring to someone else’s house for say a holiday or gathering, make certain to transfer your goods to a separate serving plate. Otherwise, you will never see your papa pan again.

-Whatever you decide to prepare in it, be sure to serve to family and friends with lots of love..



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