“Sausage” and Grapes with Roasted Garlic and Balsamic Reduction Glaze

The last post’s title offered a promise that I plan to keep here – a veganization of my mother’s sausage and grapes recipe.

Although many (including the very people to whom I have dedicated this blog to, my grandparents) would be leery of such a combination, I just ask that you don’t knock it ’til you bite it. The play of agro-dolce (savory/sour and sweet) is perfectly balanced in this molto facile dish.

My finger nails are still purpled from Sunday’s harvest, despite the soaking and scrubbing. I will spare you the evidential close-up for a few of the plating.

Here comes the recipe


-1 batch of seitan sausage, browned and cut in 3/4″ cylinders (see recipe below)
-1 small bunch of seedless grapes (I prefer green, for contrast)
-1 head of garlic with bottom cut off, roasted in skin
-1 cup of balsamic vinegar
-1 splash of Verde Vineyard red vino (or any good, red wine)
-3 tbs extra virgin olive oil
-salt and or pepper to taste
-several sprigs of chopped parsley (for garnish)

-small sauce pot
-medium sautée pan
Papa pan (for roasting garlic)
-coo-chad (aka stirring spoon)


Preheat oven to 310*, chop off top of garlic head and place on lightly oiled papa pan. Roast off for about 1-1.5 hours.

Prepare seitan sausage according to recipe below.

In small sauce pan, simmer 1 cup of balsamic vinegar on high. When it starts to boil, lower heat to medium, cover and allow to reduce for about 45 minutes. Add a splash of wine and continue to cook down for another 25-30 minutes. Remove from heat when it has reduced down about 3/4 it’s volume.

Bring medium sautée pan to medium heat and brown sausage in olive oil. Add balsamic reduction and grapes. Squeeze roasted garlic from skin into mixture and stir. Taste for seasoning and cook until skin of grapes begin to burst, about 15-20 minutes.

Ladle over soft polenta or a serving of orchetti. Better yet, refrodgerate overnight and serve as an antepast over greens. If you wish to get fancy create skewers by alternating sausage, grape, garlic. Garnish with chopped parsley. Yields 3-4 healthy servings.


Seitan Sausage (inspired by many-a-faux meat, care of Vegan Dad)

-1/3 cup of any kind of cooked bean (kidney, negro friole, navy, butter, etc)
-3 squirts bragg’s (liquid amino)
-1 tsp Gravy Master
-1 1/4 cup of ital (vital wheat gluten)
-1/8 cup nooch (nutritional yeast)
-2 shakes ground sage
-2 shakes garlic powder
-1 tsp whole fennel seed
-3 twists of pink Himalayan (or 1 tsp sea salt)
In spice blender:
-2 tsp fennel seed
-2 tsp multi-colored whole pepper corns
-1 tsp red pepper flakes

-1 cup pipe punch (h2o) in slow increments

-2 tbs extra virgin olive oil (for browning)

-Steaming apparatus
-measuring cup (for dry ingredients)
-large metal mixing bowl
-coo-chah(d) (serving spoon/scraper)
-tin foil
-medium sautée pan

Seitan Procedure:

Start boiling water for your steaming apparatus.

With a masher (or fork) whip beans in a large mixing bowl along with wet ingredients (sans water) and make a savory, brown slurry (yum). In measuring cup measure ital, nooch and add seasoning. Whisk.

Add the dry to the wet and fold together with cucchia(d). Slowly add water a few drops at a time. The dough should come together, but form a slightly slick exterior.

Do not use all of the water if not needed. If too wet, sprinkle in a little bit more ital, but don’t over mix or dry it out.

Divide dough in two and roll into 6-7″ snakes. Tightly wrap with foil, twist ends to get a proper “skin” on the outside of each log. Make sure ends are tight to avoid seitan seepage.

Place in steamer and allow to steam for about 45-50 min.

Remove foil and with a serrated knife cut into 12-15, 1/2″ cylinders.

Bring sautée pan to medium-high heat and add 2 tbs of olive oil. Brown sausage for about 2 minutes on each side. Use in recipe above.


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