Vegan Twix

What with Halloween around the corner, it only makes sense that I would need to distract myself from the temptation of the many fun-sized, non-vegan treats that have been stockpiled for the bell ringers and door knockers of that dreaded eve.

Yes, sadly, cruelty-free treats are not dispensed. I don’t know, I guess I just feel like these youngsters palate’s should be treated to something familiar – plus I don’t want to get complaints from parents or worse still, my beloved jack-o-lanterns smashed.

You see, I was raised under this mentality whereby as host, you are as accommodating as possible to your guests.

For some reason this hospitality has grown into a strange tradition. The home-owning members of my family keep a competitive tally on just how many trick-or-treaters arrive at their steps, each October 31st. My sister will call around 7:00 with a, “how many so far? We’ve had 43”, etc. As if getting more of these transient visitors than expected and subsequently having to run out to CVS in a frenzy, to grab whatever sucrose-laden leftovers that still remain on their picked-over shelves, is somehow worthy of high praise.

Sadly, my grandparents never really had the opportunity to enjoy this annual ritual. For the 43 years that they lived on the third floor of Sears Avenue, the steep stairwell and rear entrance, deterred many-an-autumn night’s beggar. Their later basement apartment with it’s far-from-the-street isolation and poor illumination made for even fewer opportunities to dispense the Mars, Nestlé and Hershey-mades, by the handful.

In the end, the over abundance of leftover snackies suited Frances just fine – as has been mentioned here several times over, she especially liked her sweets. Some Snicker, a few 3 Musketeer, even a fistful of M&M – as has also been previously noted, she didn’t like to pluralize.

Although I can’t quite recall how she pronounced “Twix”, I do know for certain that this chocolate-covered shortbread and caramel veganization was a strain in the time department to say the very least.



I followed this recipe, but would definitely advise the removal of flax from the shortbread (dries it out) and the addition of extra coconut oil to both the shortbread cookie and caramel.


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