Whole Wheat Thin-Crust Pizza on Scratch-Made Dough

Whole Wheat Dough

-medium mixing bowl
-silicone scraper
-coffee cup (to be filled with tepid pipe punch)
-dish rag (aka mapine)
-deep-lipped cooking vessel filled 1/4 way with pipe punch

-3 cups whole wheat flour (sifted)
-2 tbs sea salt
-1 package of instant rise yeast
-3/4 cup tepid water (for activating yeast)
-a few sprinkles of vital wheat gluten (optional, but gives dough/crust more body)

-preheat oven to lowest setting for 3 minutes and then turn off.

-place 1/4-filled cooking vessel on lowest rack (creates “atmosphere” for dough proofing)

-soft flour into bowl with salt and ital.

-whisk 3/4 package of yeast in tepid water and set aside (do not feed with salt or sugar – it kills the yeast!)

-sprinkle remaining yeast in flour mixiee.

-create a well in flour and vigorously pour in yeast water. Mix with scraper and slowly incorporate more water until dough forms. Should be sticky, but not too wet.

-do not over mix and do not use hands (kills yeast).

-cover bowl with moist mopine (rag) and pop in oven to proof for 45 minutes.

-dough should double in size. Punch down on a floured surface and lay it flat into a rectangle shape about 2″ thick. Fold the sides in to make a log and he. Roll loosely like a jelly roll.

-cover with moist mopine, pop in oven and repeat three times, in 30 min increments.

Roll out dough and make pie like these:


(Pineapple/shroom and vegan BBQ chix w/ caramelized onions and lots of nooch)


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